Brand Ambassador Lite

We are looking for awesome people to represent our awesome products!

The Brand Ambassador Lite program is a value-exchange. We will send you one of our hand-picked inspirational tees in exchange for 4 to 5 high quality photos to be used freely on our website, social media platforms, etc.

Because of shipping costs, we are currently only able to accept applicants with a U.S. mailing address.

Name *
Address *
Applicant *
Are you applying for yourself or your child?
If for your child(ren), please list the gender, age, and t-shirt size of each child for whom you're applying.
Race / Ethnicity *
Please include the race/ethnicity of the person for whom you are applying. We ask this question because it is our desire and heart to share photos of people of all different backgrounds, colors, shapes, sizes, etc.
Is there a certain tee you'd like to receive? Based on our current need for photos, we can't guarantee which shirt you'll get but we'll sure try.
Camera *
Will you be taking your brand photos with a professional camera or your phone?
Experience *
Do you have any experience or a background in photography?
On the next page, after you hit Submit, you'll be directed to send us a couple photos so we can check out your work. (I'm sure it's ahhhmazing!) Anything else you'd like to share with us before scooting off?