The [Un]social Experiment

What am I doing?

On one hand, this seems really dumb and maybe even careless. That this close to the busiest season of the year I would bow out of social media for a month. A 30-day hiatus from the main places I market my business, gain new customers, and generate orders. I’m potentially, and most likely, going to lose followers, connections, clients, sales, and ultimately income. That’s what’s at stake.

But there’s something even greater at stake.

My peace, and a piece of Him.

His presence, and my being present.

And so, it’s worth the risk.

It’s worth taking 30 days out of this fleeting life to conduct a little experiment that could potentially change the quality of the rest of my life.

See, I’m tired.

In relation to this little self-ran business I love, I’m tired of the expectation that I have to be on Facebook and Instagram daily so I don’t lose your attention.

I’m tired of loving the likes.

I’m tired of being disappointed when there aren’t as many of them as I hoped there would be and wondering what I did wrong on that particular post or art piece.

I’m tired of the self-placed pressure to have stellar content to share.

I’m tired of being stressed out when I don’t have to be.

I’m so dadgum exhausted of wasting brain and heart space on things that really don’t matter.

Forgive me, Father, for being so easily distracted and constantly eating meals from every other table but Yours.

This particular journey – this experiment, if you will – is about social media as it’s related to my small business. I’ve thought many times about taking an extended hiatus from Facebook and Instagram, but how can you take a sabbatical from the two sources that generate most of your income and connections? Social media, after all, is an excellent marketing tool! And not just for me; most business owners will tell you this is absolutely true for them too.

So now it feels like a trap. Like I don’t have a choice anymore whether or not I’m on social media. Because I’m sure you’ll agree – if I have a business, I have to market.

But I don’t like that no-choice feeling. I’m not okay with it. So I guess that puts me in some sort of giant, crazy pickle, huh?

Well, maybe not.

Maybe it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Maybe it’s about not letting uncertainty control my decisions.

Maybe it’s about taking a risk.

Maybe it’s about learning to love the ever-sustaining glory God gives more than episodic glory man gives. 1

Maybe it’s as simple as doing nothing on my own initiative, but only that which delights His heart. 2

Maybe it’s about letting Him promote me.

I have a burning desire to be deeply rooted in Jesus and nothing else. With that at the forefront of my fragmented heart, this call to desist doesn’t seem all that scary anymore. In fact, I feel a little stronger in this moment. A little more alive.

But this “experiment” is not just about seeing what will happen with a little less distraction in my life, it’s a legit test to see what will go down in my business when I completely remove my main means of marketing: daily posting to Facebook and Instagram.

And that’s where you come in.

Oh, you didn’t know you were going to be a part of the experiment?

You are! You’re in!

Here’s the dealio: my business will not be shutting down during this time. I will continue to fill your orders – and hope to fill more than usual in fact! – which means they have to continue to come in. I’ll give Facebook and Instagram Ads a go during the 30 days, since those can be posted once and will continue to run without my attention. But I want your help too. In fact, it’s essential in this experiment. I want to see what word of mouth will do. I want to see if I can I continue to generate orders just by women sharing their love of the Abide Mug they use every morning, or the Choose Joy Tee they’ve nearly worn out, or the Pen in their purse that reminds them, “It is well.” I want to know if I really do need social media to run this business or if there’s another way. Maybe you could call it the old-fashioned way, I don’t know. But I’m crazy and curious enough to see if word of mouth, returning emails just once a day, and a couple of Facebook Ads, are sufficient enough in today’s world.

Maybe it’s not.

But I’m willing to take the risk to find out.

There are a few new things going down over the next month that I reaalllly still want to share with you! At a minimum, our newest “More Jesus Please” mug will be released, a new pocket-sized “Daughter of the King” card will hit the shop, and hopefully a brand new apparel item I’ve been working on will make its debut. Also, I always have a Freebie for you on the first of every month and that will still happen in November as usual. Plus, our Choose Joy Tee will be restocked in the larger sizes and will also be featured in Belong Magazine’s upcoming Market Guide!

I’ll be sharing not only these business-related things via email, but also the struggles and beauty of not being on social media for the month. I’d really love to stay in touch with you this way. If you’d like to follow my journey over the next 30 days and be a part of this [Un]social Experiment, find out when these new products are released, and get your Freebie on November 1st, please subscribe on the website at I hope you will. My email is below too should you need me.

I’m actually really going to miss a lot of you. Is that weird or sad? Whatever, I will.

Choosing Jesus,


1 John 12:43, The Passion Translation
2 John 8:28-29, The Passion Translation­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


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