She Laughs starts July 1!

Can I ask you something, sister?

I want to know if you ever feel hopeless?
Maybe crippled by fear?
How about no matter how hard you try, there's just no joy?
Ever feel like you're a failure or not worthy of blessing?

If you can relate to any of those things, you're not alone. But even though a lot of us may walk around with that stuff, it doesn't mean it's truth. In fact, all those mindsets exist because somewhere in our life we are believing a lie. It may be a lie about ourselves, about God, about our circumstances. We may not even be aware we're thinking that way, but it's sabotaging nonetheless.

God wants to light up every untruth we’re walking around doing life with. Why?! Because there is abundant life on the other side — freedom!

Join me starting July 1st for a five-week journey of exposing the lies that cripple us and learning to laugh at them instead. We're gonna trade in those self-defeating mindsets for God's abundant and freeing truths, and in turn, discover His authentic joy, hope, freedom and fullness.

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I cannot wait to journey with you!
xx Melissa