New Print: Beach More Worry Less

A month or so ago, I picked up a tank top at Kohl's that read Beach More Worry Less. I mean it's like the shirt was made just for meee!! It is, of course, as you would guess, now a part of my closet collection.


If you didn't know this about me, I lived on the beautiful island of Maui for a little over a year in my early 20s. After attending a college in San Diego that overlooked the water, I moved to Hawaii's second largest island and had some of my best days ever. I worked part-time at a coffee shop and was somehow given the incredible blessing of being loved on and cared for by locals. Half my time was spent at one beach or another. Either laying on the sand soaking in the sun and perfect temps, diving under waves with the Jr. High girls I mentored (and always, always hitting up Taco Bell after), or trying to ride another wave on that freshly waxed longboard. It was one of the sweetest seasons of life and I still look back on it with great affection and deep-rooted gratitude.

The moment I saw those words on that baggy tank, I knew I had to letter them myself and turn it into a piece you could enjoy with me! The new Beach More Worry Less Print is perfect for your wish-you-were-at-the-beach space. A fun combination of hand-lettering and simple typeface, this 8" x 10" is light and fun. And, I might add, super on point for those of us who believe the sand, sun, and surf really can fix anything!