March Freebies: Exchanging Old for New

I get this picture of Him waiting in expectation. An anticipation totally void of any annoyance or impatience. Just love-enveloped readiness. And maybe He whispers to Himself, heart fixed on us, “C’mon, girl, choose Me. Take it. Speak it out loud. Tap into Me, I’m already right here. I know you’re weary, but keep believing. Don’t stop till the victory’s yours. You forget sometimes I’m fighting for you! I’m praying for you. I want you to walk in that freedom even more than you want it. Keep asking. Keep believing. Keep seeking My face. Keep finding out what I have to say about it. ‘Cause I want to give you life bubbling up and flowing over in exchange for that corpse you’re carrying around. Make the exchange, love. If you have to do it 100 times a day – trade the old for new – keep doing it. I promise I’m in it, I promise I see. I promise, if you let me, I’ll complete everything I started in you.”

RSW March2018 Free Desktop Wallpaper

A conversation with my nine-year-old started it all. A couple weeks ago, we were talking about trading in our stress and anxiety for peace. And it got me thinking about all the beautiful things God really does give us in exchange for…well...our mess.

I don’t know about you, but I want to walk in freedom, not mess and stress. I want to walk in freedom IN THE MIDST OF the mess and stress. I don’t want pseudo-freedom or the idea of freedom, I want legit free-dom. I want what Jesus came to give. I want to be a Daughter who never forgets she has complete access to the greatest resources of heaven.

When I really think about it, I can’t believe what Jesus did. And does. I mean, who says, “Give me the worst parts of yourself and in exchange I’ll give you all the very best parts of Me?” If we want it, we get to literally trade:

Anxiousness for peace,

Doubt for assurance,

Fear for boldness,

Weariness for strength,

Discouragement for hope,

Confusion for wisdom,

Shame for belonging,

Sorrow for gladness,

Loss for blessing,

Restlessness for satisfaction,

Loneliness for presence,

Brokenness for healing,

Lies for truth,

Old for new.

And grace for it all.

Yes, please.


What would you add? Comment below and let me know! (No login needed to comment.)

RSW March 2018 Free Lock Screen

If you want to walk in more of that freedom too, download this month's Free Phone Lock Screen and Desktop Wallpaper so you can be reminded to make those exchanges throughout the week. He'll honor it, I really believe that. There are miracles with our names on 'em!

Before you go, if you can, take a minute and listen to this song, Old for New, by Hannah McClure. It's a must! It'll be your new "on repeat."


P.S. Thank you, Kristina Doherty, for the incredible photo behind the lettering!



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