I'm not okay. But I don't plan to stay here.

It’s okay to not be okay. But I don’t plan to stay here.

⁣⁣I’m gonna start by saying no to a few things right now,⁣⁣
yes to the me-time I’ve neglected the past few weeks,⁣⁣
spend less time scrolling ‘cause it sure ain’t helping this comparison game,⁣⁣
and be okay not doing it all.⁣⁣
And then I’m gonna say, like the Overcomer I am:⁣⁣
get behind me, Satan.⁣⁣
Surround me thick, Spirit.⁣⁣
Break every chain of oppression, depression, condemnation.⁣⁣
I come empty handed, I need You to move.⁣⁣
I will not let the enemy steal my destiny, my impact, my joy.⁣⁣
The mourning endured for a night, but it’s a new day.⁣⁣
It’s a good day to be okay.⁣⁣
Which will morph into more-than-okay.⁣⁣
And then eventually into freedom.⁣⁣
Which is where I was meant to be all along.⁣⁣