How I Choose Joy

It's by far one of the most popular items in the shop: our Choose Joy Perfect Weight V-Neck Tee. I'm not sure if it's the hand-lettering, or that goes with just about everything in your closet, or the fact that it's so comfy. But honestly, I don't want to talk so much about the shirt today, I want to talk about that message on the front. I want to tell you how I choose joy.

Phoenix-area Wedding Photographer, Kaila Cales | Photo Credit:  Kaila Cales Photography

Phoenix-area Wedding Photographer, Kaila Cales | Photo Credit: Kaila Cales Photography

This morning I was reading one of the most life-giving books, that ancient text called the Bible. I'm bawling onto the pages because, let me tell you, the God of the Universe SPEAKS through it. Like, real-time, current situation, right to the core of the issue type talking. And I'm lead to Psalm 21. And lately I've been taking scriptures and rewriting them as prayers and promises; inserting my kid's names, my husband's, mine. And for this moment, us.

Psalm 21:6-7: "'Cause You have made Your daughter most blessed forever and ever; You have made her exceedingly joyful with Your presence. For she trusts endlessly in You, and through the mercy of the Most High - because You hold her firm - she will not be moved, she will not fall."

And this word, this is it. Well, it's part of it. How do I "choose" joy? I choose Jesus. Being in His presence, worshiping in the pain, and walking in His promises instead of sulking in the circumstance. Let's get real, not everyday feels like a joyful one, but every day I can let Him give me the best possible perspective, and there, let my focus lie, yeah?!

(Hint: YES!)

So go get it, sisters! The JOY....and yeah, the shirt too. :)