How to REALLY build your life + a FREE Lock Screen

Helllllo Feb-r-u-ary! Hello, YOU! Welcome to another Monthly Freebie.

These, I make for you.

No strings attached, no order required, nothing but love.

A fresh lock screen with a new message where the main goal is to make you go both "hmmm..." (hand on chin in contemplation), and "YES!" (arms in air joined by a fist pump or two.)

For me, the creative process with these Monthly Freebies is always different. Sometimes I know what I'm going to letter early on and I'm stirring over the message long before it hits your phone. And then sometimes, it's two days before the first of the month and I'm still waiting on some clear direction from the Master Artist.

'Cause here's the deal: it has to mean something.

I can't bring myself to letter some cliché phrase that doesn't tug at my own heart, send it your way, and call it a day. Yeah, that may be a bit dramatic, but it really does matter to me. The statement has to have enough personal meaning to make me proud to pass it onto you, knowing that the message will hit your eyes hundreds of times over the next month or longer.

So, you ready to dig in?!!

The message on this month's lock screen is based on both an idea that has revolutionized my walk with God the last few years, AND....well...a sermon from this past Sunday. This past week, we had Pastor Benny Perez at our church and he PAAA-REACHED. He preached on the importance and power of our thoughts and words.

Women, it was so darn good.

I think this lesson is so important for all of us that I'm asking you to take 40 minutes out of one of your days this week and commit to watching this message. I know it will bless you and challenge you; I believe scales will fall off of some of our eyes for the very first time and we'll be able to see in a way we never have before the magnitude of the way we speak and think about ourselves, others around us, and our life circumstances.

C'mon, sister! Put the kids to bed, tell the husband you need an hour by yourself, grab a coffee and something to write with, and play. this. video. The sermon starts just after the 58-minute mark. I want to pray for you before you dive in.

Holy Spirit, I ask that You would come into the room of every woman who chooses to watch this message. It's a guy they don't know, a church they don't know, but I pray You would use it to release a heavenly shift in our minds and hearts today. Destroy the distorted views we've been carrying around and loosen Your perspective over us and every situation from this moment on. Keep growing us into willing daughters. Willing to admit when we've been wrong, willing to listen, willing to persevere, willing to be stretched, willing to adopt Your thoughts and opinions above others' and our own. Oh, would you have Your faultless way in us - the BEST way! In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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P.S. If you have any trouble with the video above, you can also watch it here on Facebook.


"The primary way you're gonna build your life is by the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Transformed thinking leads to transformed living, and your words will build or bind up your life. It's all about how you view God and how you view yourself. We think we are what we do, but we are who God says we are." - Benny Perez

"I can't afford to have a thought in my head about me that He doesn't have in His head about me." - Bill Johnson

"Come, listen and open your heart to understand. What truly contaminates a person is not what he puts into his mouth but what comes out of his mouth. That's what makes people defiled." - Jesus (Matthew 15:10-11, TPT)

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