Why I want to break the rules

I heard the most incredible message this past Sunday. This guy, Dominic Russo, lives what he preaches, leading some of the largest global missions in history and seeing entire nations changed in one day. One day!

He breaks the rules.

'Cause Jesus broke the rules.

And still does.

I'm not talking about the laws of the land or of Scripture.

I'm talking about the things Jesus defied because He was and is not limited by resources,


societal norms,

what the odds say,

other's expectations,

or even the laws of physics.

He breaks all those rules.

He is God of the literally impossible.

And if this is Jesus,

this is us.

If we will believe in that reality.

If we'll have but a mustard-seed-sized faith that this is really who He is and who we were meant to be.

How we were meant to operate as co-heirs.

You know, in my family, I joke about being the black sheep. I think a little differently than the rest, and am the most liberal of the bunch, I guess you could say. But in the world, I'm called a goody-goody. A pure little white sheep, mocked in my past for being too square.

Black. White. Left. Right. Wrong. Right. I'm really losing interest in what I'm labeled.

But a Jesus-trusting Rule Breaker?

You can call me that any day.

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If you'd like to check out Dominic's powerful message, you can watch it here. Just scroll down the page and look for "09-24-2017 Sunday Worship 11am" or "09-24-2017 Sunday Worship 9am".