That crucifixion.

R-rated violence.

Pain, pain beyond comprehension.

Why? Why?! His death for my life? The God-man dying for me?

But I’m the one who doesn’t deserve it, can’t earn it, isn’t worthy of it.

Yes, that’s just right.

Exactly right.

Quit trying to make the way.

I make the way. I am the way.

That revolting, painful death with one eternal purpose: to make a way.

There will never again be such a sacrifice.

Because of Your death, now I don’t have to stay in death. I can quit dragging that corpse around. Help me let it go.

Now, it’s life abundant.

A new thing.

Open, free, beautiful access to the Father. The Maker, The Author. The Sustainer.


Friday must have been so terrible. Unbearable.

Saturday, full of wavering faith and bitter sadness.

But Sunday. Sunday was coming.

And this whole weekend: a complete gift of Life through suffering, Love through sacrifice, and Power through humility.

Thank You, Jesus, for it all.

Your all.