FLASH Free Shipping Week!

We’re kicking off Memorial Day with a Flash Free Shipping Week! Yep. Every day this week, Monday through Friday, a different category of products will be picked to SHIP OUT FOR FREE!

Free shipping will only last for 24 hours on that particular product and then a new category of products will be chosen the next day. That word FLASH is in there for a reason!

We don’t want you to miss that item you’ve had your eye on so here are three different ways you can make sure you know when to hit that “purchase” button.

Just select the communication avenue of your choice below and every morning the week of May 27th, you’ll receive new info with that day’s 24-hour-only “Free Shipping” special.

(1) Get notifications!

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(2) Get email reminders!

Sign up on a special email list made just for this sale.

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(3) Get text messages!

Use the form below to get a text message reminder sent right to your phone each morning.

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*Text messages will come from “sms+6217@telefio.com”. Looks a little funky, I know, but its me. You can count on a welcome message to ensure you’re all signed up. And as always, your information is never shared with anyone else.

Don’t forget, you’ll only have 24 hours to make your purchase on that particular item and get the happiest, free-est mail you ever did see.


*Free shipping applies to orders with a U.S. mailing address only.