Marriage is... [some raw thoughts.]

We’re 12 years in and here’s the truth.⁣

Marriage is wiping water off the bathroom sink and putting less food down the garbage disposal ‘cause it matters to him.⁣

It’s not relying on each other for happiness. That won’t work long term, girlfriend.⁣

It’s celebrating covenant. And believing a commitment is worth fighting for. Not just for yourselves but for generations down the line. ⁣

It’s supporting each other’s passions. Loving each other right where you’re at, not where you think they can be.⁣

It’s forgiveness.⁣

It’s calling out the gold in each other and the BS too.⁣

It’s choosing. No just to do the bare minimum and live like roommates but to close the computer and sit together without a reason.⁣

It’s knowing that chances are the grass isn’t greener elsewhere even though you fantasize it to be.⁣

It’s doing the “work” of falling back in love.⁣

Ryan & I on our honeymoon | April 2007

Ryan & I on our honeymoon | April 2007

It’s knowing that if you want it to be, marriage can be the most beautiful journey of your life. Not because it looks like your favorite romantic comedy but because there is great adventure in walking out oneness.⁣

So. Happy 12 years to my man-of-choice. The road hasn’t been perfect and we both get annoyed when people pretend like it is. You and I, we’re anointed for greater. The enemy’s come at us strong because our “yes” twelve years ago sealed an assignment from heaven. I love punching the enemy in the face with you.⁣

There’s so much more we could say about what marriage is and isn’t. What would you add?⁣