(Freedom's invitation) A word for the journeying ones.

Walk with Me, Royal One.
Let Me exchange your
irritation for empathy,
your rage for patience,
your offense for understanding,
your judgment for humility,
your comparison for honor.
I’ll give you responses instead of reactions.
And a deep love in place of all the insecure and not-yet-mended spaces.
But, Beloved, please remember there is always process.
These exchanges don’t always happen overnight.
I know you want them to.
In this season, though, I’m asking you to walk through process first.
Before encounter.
I want you to learn the sound of My voice.
What My nudge feels like.
What doing life together looks like.
I want you to taste heaven while you’re still flesh and bone.
Your true identity.
There’s so much more.
To know, to grow in, to experience.
I won’t push My way in, though.
Don’t you know I’m a Gentleman?
I woo you, I draw you, I make the first move.
But it’s your choice if we go deeper.
You can have as much of Me as you want.
I’m genuinely the Lover of your soul.
I want you to choose Me.
And then let Me love you.
In every small, seemingly-insignificant way.
I want to come in to every crevice of your heart and heal it all.
I want to show you there’s Someone worth trusting again.
But I’m not in a hurry.
Though your wildest abundance is hidden in these matters,
I’m not in a rush.
I know the world you live in is but we don’t have to be.
I love every small step with you.
There’s no arriving.
Only journeying.
You and Me.
And along the way, you spill out all you’ve tasted of Me on the ones around you.
You invite other people to the feast without even trying.
Your more spills out.
And then you-and-Me becomes more than just you-and-Me. 
It becomes just what it was meant to be:
The family.

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