My two newest products and the kitchen-table story behind their creation.

I stared at him across our big farmhouse table. My son, the one so well-made but doesn't yet know it. 

If you know me at all, you know words matter to me. What we say about ourselves matters. And what we say is a reflection of what we believe; what's in the deep, real places. So for a mama wired this way, it's not easy listening to your kid say things about themselves that aren't true. Especially when, in this house, words matter.

He blurts out another misnomer over school work. He, my child. Really, God's child. Within arms reach. Within my heart's reach. And in that moment, a divine idea. What if he held the truth about who he was in his hands? What if instead of that blank muted-yellow pencil was a pencil engraved with truths about who God says He is?


"God, help me defeat the devil!"
"I will. And here's how I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna show you who you are."
- Pastor Michael Maiden, Church for the Nations


Negative things and untruths will show up in our lives, their aim to distract, distort, steal. Sometimes we create them, sometimes we let them in, sometimes we have nothing to do with their appearance. But the way to overcome negative thoughts, verbiage and circumstances is with intention. By replacing them with truth, with that which is excellent (Philippians 4:8). I want to keep renewing my mind with who I am in Christ until the old is fully replaced with the new. And I want my kids to have to do a lot less work in this area than I've had to. So, I'll keep telling them who they are. I'll write it on chalkboards in their room, speak in into their ears when they wake up and when they're sleeping, pray it into reality, and have it engraved on pencils that they can draw, write and practice cursive with.

After that moment and idea at the kitchen table, I looked up and wrote down as many Scriptures as I could find about who God says we are. And then my son picked his six favorites. Which happen to be mine too in this season. And so, your next new product was birthed. Chic No. 2 pencils, gold foil stamped with six truths of who our Creator says we are. Click here to check them out and see all the beautiful details about this newest product.

In the wake of the Pencils, I also created a hand-lettered Print with the words, "I am who You say I am." I'm really proud of this one too and feel like it's both a perfect accompaniment to the new Pencils and just a stellar Print on its own. During the entire month of April, you can get a Mini-Print of this new Print for FREE with any purchase. Simply add any product to your cart from the Shop along with the Mini-Print and use promo code 'APRILFREEBIE' at checkout. The Mini-Print will go from $4 to $0. Click here to check out the Print and for additional details.

And one last thing! Per usual, I have a new lock screen for you this month. You can snag that same "I am who you say I am" artwork as free wallpaper for your phone. Click here to snag it.

Like with all of my products, I hope these new Pencils and Print will bless you like crazy-crazy. I hope you'll use them as gifts to encourage other people and for yourself as well to remind you of all the truths.


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