7 life truths I found out on the trail today

Man, this morning I woke up in a blue funk. The kind where you know you need a large-scale attitude adjustment but you almost don’t care.

(Oh, that’s hard to even say out loud.)

You couple some strong doses of doubt and self-pity with attacks from the enemy on your emotions, and man, that’s a bad thing waiting to happen. And it’s right where I was at this morning.

After dropping my youngest at a friend’s house per her sweet invitation, I got a wild hair to go hiking on the drive home. Let’s just say it’s been a while. And though I knew there were 42 other things I could give my attention to, I also knew I needed a change of scenery or that vicious untruth-caused-gloom was gonna continue.

So, my oldest son and I headed home, changed and started for the mountain. My sour mood in tow. It took about a half-mile of walking, sun and dirt before I saw my grouchy state begin to dissipate, but something started lifting when we reached the peak of that cactus-lined hill. Maybe it was the fresh air? Or just being surrounded by the Creator’s creation? Whatever it was, a different girl came down the mountain than the one who went up.

And like an affectionate gift from the Father, I started seeing how many parts of this hike were just like real life. The people we passed, the effort we were putting in, the joy we were getting out, our surroundings – all of it started meaning something, bringing elation and healing.

So here are seven truths I found out on the trail this morning that sure make a whole lot of sense in real life too.

1. Just because you have to backtrack doesn’t mean the whole journey was a fail.

2. You’ll cross paths with all types of people. Don’t make assumptions about their story or abilities. You never know where they’re really at, how hard they’re working or how far they’ve already come.

3. A friendly smile and a warm ‘good morning’ go a long way.

4. If you slip and fall, get back up and keep on moving. You don’t have to go back to the beginning and start over, just pick up where you left off. If someone else falls, help ‘em do the same.

5. Being outside is just plain good for the body, soul and spirit. It can change the course of your day.

6. You might hurt a little when it’s over but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.

7. Don’t forget deodorant. It’s no bueno.

So what would you add? What does being out in nature or hiking, running, etc. teach you about life? Or which of these seven truths can you take with you into the rest of this week, month, year? (Don't say number seven, you should already know that, ha!) I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.