Trust the Process

If you were to watch an artist paint a piece from start to finish, I bet there would be many times in the middle of that process where you'd squint your eyes a little and silently wonder, "What is happening here? That looks awful!"
Now, the artist, she knows what she's doing. She can already see the end result, the masterpiece, in her head. But there, in the in-between, with our limited understanding and narrow vision, most of us might just be wondering if that person with the brush in their hand is the real deal or not.
Isn't that just like life? When the “middle” appears to make zero sense and we wonder how - HOW - could this possibly be part of a masterpiece?
When the hundredth prayer goes up.
When the enemy steals.
When your promise hasn't come.
When your own faithfulness just starts to feel mundane and purposeless.
When increase is small.
Trust the process, the Masterpiece-Maker says.
Trust Me.
"Where there is ongoing consistency something can happen that is impossible where there's only short term sporadic intensity." -Levi Lusko
I have to believe the small decisions we make every day matter so much. And I know that my God doesn't waste a thing or withhold a good one either. Help me, Jesus, to remain steadfast, to legit enjoy the journey, and to trust the process you've got Me in.