New Fall Print! And the one that didn't make the cut.

Oh, fall, you are our favorite!

Are you ready for the over-sized sweaters, orange pumpkins, and hot apple cider? I am!

I hope this new Print makes you feel all cozy inside. It's available now in the shop in three different sizes and colors so you can pick just the right one to fit your fall decor.

Snag it in a 5"x7", 8"x10", or 11"x14" in Classic Black, Autumn Maple or authentic reflective Gold Foil. Starting at just $7.

Fall Print Mockup_Autumn Maple.jpg

And just to share some real life with you 'cause it may just encourage somebody today...

I had another design all ready to be added to a super cute hot tumbler for the shop. I was so excited to bring it to you as a seasonal item! Well, things don't always go as planned. Can I get an amen? In business - in life - things don't always turn out the way we thought they would. The sample tumbler arrived nothing like I expected and nothing I could sell in the shop. And you know what? It is what it is. I don't have a dozen fall products to bring you this year like I wanted and it. is. okay. I'm in this place right now where my best is good enough, even if it means only one fall product hit the shop by the first day of autumn.  This business doesn't run me - God and I run it - and the world hasn't ended because you don't have a Raw Sugar Writes fall tumbler in your hand. I mean, it would have been really cute if you did, but hey, maybe next year.

I'm about to read Shauna Neiquist's Present Over Perfect and I feel like the Father's already been softening my heart in new ways to the value of presence and imperfection.

New seasons. Aren't you thankful for them? Now go snag yourself a 'Fall Favorites' print! Can't wait to see which color/finish you choose!

Melissa <3