Rubber Stamps are HEEERE! + FREE Mini-Print in July!

Welcome to July! Woot woot! This month, I'm switching it up with the Freebies!

During the entire month of July, I'm giving away a brand new Mini-Print for free with any purchase. And what I love MOST about it is that it doubles as a postcard!!! Yep, you can choose to frame it and display it in your favorite home or office space, or throw a 34-cent stamp on it, write a little love note, and send a giant hug through the mail.

The words and design were inspired by a gift I gave my mother-in-law for her recent retirement. I loved the quote so much and all it meant, I wanted to share it with the rest of you this month.

No promo code is needed to get your Freebie. There is no order minimum and no exclusions. Your one free Postcard + Mini-Print will automatically be included with all orders through July 31st. AND, if you really like them, you can also purchase more in the shop for just $2 a piece.


Alright, my friends. Can you do a little drumroll for me, please? Go ahead. Tap away. 'Cause I'm about to tell you that WE'VE. GOT. RUBBER. STAMPS!!! It's true! They're here in all their laser-etched glory! I'm SO excited to bring these to you! To give you something that will help make the way you encourage those around you just a little sweeter. 

Not only do these stamps look beautiful - with their natural maple wood base and sturdy black handle - but they are laser-etched at 1000 dpi in eco-friendly 100% renewable resource red rubber. That means clear and precise impressions!

My hope is that you'll be able to use these stamps to spread some smiles. I see you using them to make your own greeting cards. To add some flair to the love notes you leave your hubs or put in your kids' lunches. To liven up that package or envelope you're sending to that special somebody who's been on your mind. To add some unexpected liveliness to that student's assignment or co-worker's paper. Oh, and lots more! I know you'll come up with things I never even thought of. And I can't wait to see!

Click here to check out our first four designs: I Sure Love You, Sent With Love, Thank You, and Yay!. And don't forget, with any purchase this month, you'll receive a free Postcard + Mini-Print.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

I hope you have a great 4th of July next week and one fantastic month! THANK YOU sincerely for your continued support of my small business. It matters greatly to our family! More than you know.

All the love,