Doubt your doubts...

Yes, YOU.

C’mon over here for a second. Let me whisper some truths into your ear. Things you may have forgotten for a moment.

You’re a daughter of The Kings Of All Kings. That makes you a Princess, see. Your crown was freely given, and I think you may need a reminder that you don’t have to do anything to keep it. There’s no condition with that crown, just love.

Truth number two you need to hear. There are things unseen. What you actually know is but a dot in a huge circle of all-there-is-to-know. Every day God is moving in ways you aren’t aware of. Believe.

When your Brother, Jesus, said that you could move mountains, He meant it literally. It’s not a metaphor. It’s reality. Inside, you have the authority of Heaven, and your Kingdom is not one of sight but of faith. And your faith – yes, even the small amount you think you barely have – can change landscapes and raise up lives.

So tell the mountain to move. And don’t doubt.

Could it be possible that when you command the migration of that mount and don’t see one thing shift, that something’s happening inside you can’t see with your eyes? Could it be that in the center of that huge rock, there's a rumbling? Rocks shifting and beginning to turn to ash. You can’t see it, but that very mountain is on its way down. It’s unseen, but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The mountain moving is as real as the Creator who started the crumble.

So keep commanding.
Keep believing.
Keep asking.
And don’t lose faith.

Don’t doubt the Mountain Mover.
Doubt your doubts.

This was a journal entry of mine 10 months ago. I came across it this morning and wanted to share it with my sisters. I hope it encourages you like mad in your faith today.

His Beloved (and so are you!),