Introducing the Come Holy Spirit Tank!

Welcome our very first apparel item:
Come Holy Spirit Women's Tank Top

At the beginning of the year, I had the honor of creating artwork for a t-shirt that would be the theme for our church youth group's winter retreat. (You can read more here about the opportunities that single project created, including this new product.) I was so stoked that the shirt got such a great response! And because I loved everything it stood for and conveyed, I wanted it to be something everyone could get their hands on.

That powerful three-word prayer, Come, Holy Spirit, holds so much weight. The Holy Spirit is here; present and active and alive and indwelling. But when we utter those powerful, dependent words, we are acknowledging our complete and total need for His Presence. We really do depend on Him for genuine fullness, help and wisdom, and the ability to do Kingdom works! Oh, there is no doubt, we need Holy Spirit! And not seasonally. Not just on a really good Sunday. Not in just some crazy church services. DAILY. I love the Holy Spirit and, honestly, I just want to get to know Him more and more and more. Anybody feel me?

So, here's the details on your new tank! If you're like me at all, you want to wear something that's really cute but loose in all the right places. This tank top is thin, cool and designed to flatter. It's made of 60% ringspun cotton and 40% modal. And the gold! Yes, a genuine, shiny, gold foil imprint. And no matter your shape, I really want to carry your size, so we currently have a stock of extra small to double XL. (If you wear a size outside that range, please let me know so I can carry it in the future!)

I'm so excited to bring you this tank and the very first Raw Sugar Writes clothing product! I hope it ends up being one of your most favorite items in your closet! I can't wait to see it on you and hear the ways God will use it.

*Photos by the talented, Tressa Hazen Photography