You are God's Poem

The words below are not my own. They are straight from the mouth and heart of our youth pastor, Michael Clyde. I barely changed a thing posting them here actually. Below you'll read nearly word-for-word what he delivered to us a couple Sundays ago. It was so powerful, I had to share them with you. To remind us. To draw us even closer yet to believing the truth. The real reality. 'Cause like my girl, Ann Voskamp, says, "Nothing can break your life like not knowing who you are in Christ, and there is nothing that needs breaking more in life than the lies about who you are in Christ. The greatest danger to our soul is not success or status or superiority - but self-lies. When you listen to the self-lies hissing that you're unlovable, unacceptable, unwanted, that's when you go seeking your identity in success or status or superiority and not in your Savior. Self-lies are the destroyer of the soul because they drown out the sacred voice that can never stop whispering your name: Beloved."

From Pastor Mike:

God made you.
And when God made you, He didn't accidentally make you.
It wasn't that He was just kind of being creative and made an accident and its name was You.
He actually put intention, He put thought, He put detail into you.
And into me.
God put detail into us.
He put detail into me, He put detail into you.
You are God’s Poem.
You are something He thought about.
You are something He dreamt up.
You are something He took time on.
You are something He created from start to finish with gifts, with graces, with callings.
And those things are in the people you love.
It's in the people you don't love.
It’s in me, it’s in you, it's in Donald Trump, it's in everybody on Facebook that gets you mad.
God-created, they are His Poem.
They are poetry to Him.
They are a Piece of Art that He created.
He has placed value and assigned value to people because they are His creation.
They are something He thought of.
YOU are something He thought of.

You are a Piece of Art that God made.
You are Poetry.
You are His workmanship.
You were created to do good. To do good works. To do God’s works.
You might have all kinds of doubts that fly into your head when you hear that, like: I’m not good enough, I’m not spiritual enough, I don’t know God enough.
But hear me:
No matter who you are,
no matter where you've been,
no matter what you've done,
no matter what your past says,
no matter what your future looks like,
You are God’s Poem.
You are His Poetry.
You are something beautiful in His eyes.
And when He looks at you, He doesn't think thoughts of evil, but He thinks thoughts of good.

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works..." (Ephesians 2:10)

If you'd like to hear this full message, you can check out the podcast here. It's the second track titled, "I Bless You."

Quote above by Ann Voskamp from her book, The Broken Way.

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