The story of my quivering YES

This is the still-in-process story of a quivering yes and a Limitless God. An ongoing testimony, really, of a kind-hearted Father who takes our tiny something's and makes them grand.

Have you ever been asked to do something you just didn't feel like your Cool Meter was high enough for? Um, that happens to me a lot. I don’t think it’s a low self-esteem issue, it’s just that I’m a mid-30s mom who’s kind of granola and nerdy and still can’t grasp the idea that I’m in a season of creating. See, I didn’t spend my whole life in this space – at least not this form of art – it’s a totally new realm for me. So I am continually in awe that’s it’s where I’ve landed. And to be honest, as long as I’m allowed to stay here, I kinda hope I never lose the wonder that I get to do it.

So, back to the Cool Meter. My tick was pretty low on that bad boy for one of my latest projects. I was asked by the talented producer and musician, DJ Klarity, to create his brand signature. And as if being asked wasn’t crazy enough, even more incredible was how God caused this connection to even happen. It actually started back in January with another project I really didn't feel equipped for. (Okay, I guess I really do feel that way a lot!) With this particular project, I felt so strongly that I was just supposed to move forward whether I thought I could do it or not. It wasn’t until later down the road that I realized my YES was really all I was being asked to give.

It wasn’t until later down the road that I realized my YES was really all I was being asked to give.

And wow, what God has done with it, my friends! That particular gold-foil typography design was shared on Instagram by ChristianCreative, a creative talent account with more than 71K followers. That post was then seen and shared by Rapzilla, an account featuring Christian Hip Hop artists, music and photos. That share then allowed the young DJ Klarity to find me. From all that madness arose two other crazy-amazing opportunities. They actually didn’t end up working out – my choice – but all I see from the whole thing are these beautiful connections and requests for work that I could have never made or created on my own. I have a real feeling I haven’t seen the last of them either.

Here’s what it boils down to for me, ya’ll. If there is any good in me, it is truly Him. I don’t have a metaphorical horn to toot. I have no desire for anyone to read the words above and think more of me. Please don’t do that. This is a testimony of what a quivering little YES can do in the hands of a generous Father. He is the Original Artist and Creator with all the resources in the world. We, in all our brokenness and mess, get to partner with The Limitless One who loves making much out of little. A Lover of His Own who takes a white girl from Phoenix with unformed talent and limited experience and connects her with hip-hop artists and DJs. C'mon, people, you can't make that stuff up!

I need more YES’s. I want more stories of what our God did with the time I gave that I didn’t have, with the step I took when my knees were shaking, with the last crisp bill in my wallet. With the insecure YES. I want to give my little every day and then say with confidence like George Muller, “Come and see what God will do.”

"Come and see what God will do."
- George Muller