This is the Year

"This is the year.
This is the year where our desire for closeness in relationship with Jesus displaces our desire for sin.
This is the year where we see God radically get a hold of people's hearts, and the people we've been praying and seeking after Him for, they gonna come home.
This is the year where the Lord shows us that his dreams for us are far better, bigger and greater than anything we could dream for ourselves.
This is the year where we exchange self-promotion for waiting on the Lord.
This is the year that religion crumbles when it encounters the face of Jesus.
This is the year where what we believe about ourself and the world tells us about us is exchanged for the identity only the Lord can give us.
This is the year where we give God every part of us.
This is the year where the yoke of bondage just breaks."

Some powerful declarations by the spirited @cavanaughjames. Check out the full video in his January 1st post. 

I gotta tell ya, some of these statements pierce right to the heart. They hit so close to home and are things I desperately want for my life and my relationship with Jesus. The statements about God's dreams for us, self-promotion, and giving Him every part of me are the ones that tug at my spirit the most. Which ones seem to leap out at you? Here's to 2017!