Walking #WIP (an update on my break)

Well, that was nice.⁣⁣
Really nice.⁣⁣
The first month of this new year has been slow in the greatest way. Taking an intentional step back from my business in January gave me the chance to take a big deep breath. And it's caused our whole family to look at how we want to spend our time.⁣⁣
Its been healthy.⁣⁣
(If you missed the reason behind my month-long sabbatical, check out my previous blog post.)⁣⁣
Honestly, I loved that the pressure to post to social media was off. I loved that my laptop wasn't the first thing I retreated to when I found a spare second. I love that I had time to clean out and organize my embarrassing Tupperware cabinet and daughter's cluttered room. I love that homeschool wasn't daily interrupted by my to-do list. I loved making time with the stud-hubs a priority in the evenings.⁣⁣
I don't have it figured out yet...this relationship between mom, creator, teacher, business owner, and what else am I forgetting? But I'm so glad you stick around to see me through it. Though one day I may have more space in my day or a team of people to help, I really don't expect to ever "arrive."⁣⁣
See, there's this beautiful thing called process.⁣⁣
That can hold even more significance than the destination.⁣⁣
That our Father seems to treasure deeply.⁣⁣
And I want to keep learning how to delight in too.⁣⁣
I've never been more okay with being a walking work in progress.⁣⁣

Hey! Next t-shirt, maybe? :)