I'm Surrounded

There is a reality far more real than the one we perceive with our physical eyes.

It's God's reality.

Kingdom reality.

It's "I know Who has me. He doesn't leave me. He doesn't lie. He's working right now for my good and He doesn't waste a thing." versus "This is what my circumstances look (and even feel) like."

I have a particular situation in my life right now that could very well appear hopeless to some, exhausting and pointless. And though I have my days, though the enemy throws arrows that mess with my emotions, I have this solid knowing that my God is coming through.

He's teaching me to ask with confidence, believe for the wild things, and keep my heart and mind focused on His truths. On His reality.

No matter how naive or foolish it may look to some, I want my eyes to be found focused in on the One who surrounds me, not the things that do.


This worship song is my current jam. Crank it up, dance, and battle in praise.

This is How I Fight My Battles | Upper Room Music™
Dallas, Texas | URoomMusic.com | facebook.com/URoomMusic

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