I'm goin' LIIIIVE!

Eeeeek! I'm doin' it!!!! Nerves, unknown, and all, I'm hosting my very first Facebook Live! 

And I want you there! I'll be sharing how I got started in calligraphy, the meaning behind my name, why this business/ministry matters to me, and of course, a full shop tour! Yep, I'll be showing every product from the shop and giving details on each. I won't be selling anything during the Live, just sharing.

PLUS, I'll be announcing a special discount code for everyone to take advantage of and some details about an upcoming giveaway.

It's all going down tomorrow, Thursday, February 8th, at 3:30 pm MST on my personal Facebook page. You can get there by clicking here. If you'd like an auto reminder on Facebook so you're sure not to miss it, be sure to join the Event: FB Live Shop Tour!.

Be sure to the Live with a friend or five, will you?! I'm really excited to reach some people who have never heard of Raw Sugar Writes before.

Looking forward to hanging out with you tomorrow!


Melissa <3