hand lettered goods
created to inspire


Welcome, friend. These products were born out of my own personal journey. And created with you in mind.

Let's get real. We've got a lot going on. A lot of things vying for our attention. But when it all boils right down to it, you and I at our core are very simply: deeply loved Daughters. We just tend to let a whole lot of things get in the way of the Main Thing. And when we aren't plugged into our Source - beautiful Jesus - we're left feeling exhausted and discouraged.

I know that road. It's why I get so fired up about creating hand lettered products that you'll not only love using and having in your home, but that will remind you where to keep your eyes and heart. Each item is designed with one goal in mind: that in the middle of your busy day, with an inadvertent glance their way, you'd be inspired, encouraged, and reminded to practice who you want to be.

I thank you for stopping by! My family thanks you. Your purchase really matters to me and I'm so grateful. I hope as you browse through the site, shop or blog, you'll feel genuinely welcome. And just maybe find a little something you can't leave without.


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